Sonic Bikes - Experience for Marjaniemi by Kaffe Matthews - The Marja Trio

The Sonic Bikes "The Marja Trio" are an artwork by Kaffe Matthews made with Hai Art for Hailuoto in May 2013.

The bikes are a musical instruments playing 'The Marja trio', a specially made music for the Marjaniemi harbor and boardwalk path to Sumppu. The piece was made by Matthews during a 10 day Artist-in-Residence period in which she made recordings of the area including the three Marja turbines and lighthouse mast, and along with various digital synthesis techniques processed them into musical fragments. Inspired by the changing harmonies of the area, she linked and layered these fragments to different spots and zones, so that a visitor, when cycling one of the sonic bikes around, will trigger and so hear them play. The cyclist recreates the composition.

Residency report by Kaffe Matthews:

Bikes are available for free during the summers and autumn in Marjaniemi tourist office and Hai Art.

Contact us if any questions: + 358 400 258968

Hailuoto score GPS based cycle zones!

Location based software and hardware tinkering by Dave Griffiths:

Bikes ready for composing!

Seppo Jeronen did an amazing DIY bike assembling job!

Beagle board, PSU, 12V motorbike battery, GPS, all neatly fit to a box!

Speaker attachment ready last night ! Innovative design by Kari Heikkilä!

Finishing the design with Kari Heikkilä.

The white travel bike

More info soon.

Sonic Bikes in Gent/ Belgium

Artistic ideas

Technical explanation

The Marvelo project:

Further Sonic Bike development:

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