Sound Map Hailuoto - iOS app

Sound Map Hailuoto is an APP developed by the arts organization Hai Art on the island of Hailuoto (Finland) in collaboration with the media artist Juan Duarte Regino during an Artist-In-Residency project in 2013 involving the local elementary school.

Free download in iTunes

The sounds are field recordings from workshops with children and sound art camp participants. Some sounds are derived from public space art works such as the Sound Room, Sonic Bikes, Kaiku Sound Choir, Pulsar Kite or the Xylophon-marble Instrument.

All sounds are present in Hailuoto.

Exhibition flyer of the app and its making process in Pori Art Museum in February 2013

1min film about the making of the App:

Incredible and creepy at the same time to see the project finalized in such a commercial entity as the App store.

Interview with the artist Juan Duarte Regino.

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more on the making of the app here

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