Sound Room In Marjaniemi by Carsten Stabenow

The Sound Room in Marjaniemi exhibits a site specific sonic installation by Carsten Stabenow opened during the conference "Wind As Context" (May 2012) experiments with the Sonification of the environment.

The Sound Room can be visited daily 9am - 9pm in Marjaniemi, more info at Tourist Information. Ask us to give you a guided experience 24 hours in advance


Sound Room Recording (Stormy Day 03062012) by Hai Art

text-message-feedback from visitors

"Sound room - kesäkokemus, mikä jää varmasti mieleen. Kiitos! Tiina"

"Very nice we pondered if our own voices could be captured too Aili &tapio"

"Oikeastaan kivempi kuin Turussa viime kesänä olleet jokiääniteokset, joissa oli muusikot mukana. Kiva kuulla luonnon omaa 'mieltä'. Kuitenkin metallinen ääni on loppuun kulunut ja kylmä, vastenmielinen (siksi siihen kaikki reagoivat, mutta on virhetulkinta, että se olisi merkki mielenkiinnosta - naiset ja miehet eroavat tässä varmaan)." T. Marjaliisa Sutela

"I was up here last sunday-the sound room was quite silent. Today the sounds were strong and impressive. Thanks, Kaija. Riitta and Leena from Oulu"

"Carsten, we liked your installation very much." Simo & Tuike Alitalo

The artist:

Carsten Stabenow – Curator and artist, born 1972, studied Communication Design and postgraduate Interdisciplinary Studies in Berlin and has worked freelance as a communication designer and cultural producer. As a member of the “Staalplaat Soundsystem” he has realized several installations and performed worldwide at festivals and in museums. Carsten Stabenow is the founder of the German Media Art festival “garage” (1997-2005 together with Gesine Pagels), co-founder of the Berlin art and media production platform DOCK (since 2008 together with Carsten Seiffarth) and initiator and artistic director of “Tuned City”, a platform which proposes an examination of the relations between architecture and sound.

Reflecting on the location – the history of the place as an old pilot station/observatory as well as the local surrounding and it‘s climate conditions and peculiarities.

In the attic of the building long strings are installed, tuned to the resonant frequencies of the of the timber construction. A resonator/sensor unit outside on the roof picks up the constant wind-energy-caused micro vibration of the roof construction and renders the signal via small transducers to the strings. Between the strings and the timber roof construction a dynamic feedback loop is generated which is constantly modulated by the random wind energy. The whole space becomes a resonating structure like the body of a wooden instrument and one can observe the many phenomena occuring in vibrating strings - shooting sounds like in upper electricity cables for trains, rythmic frequency patterns ranging from a short reverb to longer echo sounds, higher pitched natural overtones, a rich variety of slides and frequency shifts.

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process and residency

Work in Progress:

Hai Art in collaboration with the community and through initiative by Ari Nurkkala, the Mayor of Hailuoto develops a new concept of a living exhibition: the Sound Room. It was opened during the Wind As Context conference on the 25th of May 2012.

Location: Marjaniemi is the western shore destination in Hailuoto, mainly used in summer time after the ice has melt.

During spring and autumn time there is relatively little traffic and visitors, during summer we see high traffic and holiday business flourishing and in winter time very few people reach the spot at all. The hotel on location is closed most of the time too. One building owned by the community is a 3 level building with a charming tourist information in the ground level. The second level is a rarely rented student accommodation and the upper floor is a raw unused wooden room, what used to be a weather observing space, with unique little observation windows. The location is very silent except for the wind and a propeller radar device.

Now that room can be reached by a relatively steep stair case and the idea is to move up there and visit the room which contains a unique sound installation using the specific of the rooms history, the location and the vision for a sound. The sound could have a performance mode and a constant mode maybe differing in volume. The installation could draw from the natural wind sound coming in. Here an image of the strange observation windows built on top of the roof to oversee the ocean and possible catch the earth's sound.

The location is kind of magic and can attract a lot of tourists during the summer time and also the autumn fish market weekend.

Following works and recordings have been created in the Sound Room:

Sound Room Runo by Hai Art

Sound Room Remix (filter pitch layer mix) by Hai Art

White Nights on 440hz improvized and digital treated by Hai Art