Kiemura - Snow & Sound Installation / Lumi- ja ääniteos

Hai Art commissioned the architects and artists from SAIKA Design to built a snow & sound sculpture in the middle of the village Hailuoto in winter 2013. The participatory concept of the project was wonderfully executed with the school of Hailuoto and members of the community.

The Making of:

This video documentation was made in collaboration with the local media group and 15 year old Niko Holtinkoski contributed a self composed track.

The 13tone-Vertical-Flipflop-Tube-Instrument is integrated.

The white part:

Team Saika Design dancing to harden the snow in the molds:

Participatory practice:

Cutting the molds:

Making of the 13tone-Vertical-Flipflop-Tube-Instrument:

The melting process:

The Beginning:

Hailuodon keskustaan rakennetaan helmikuussa 2013 lumi- ja ääniteos "Kiemura". Kaikki ovat tervetulleita seuraamaan rakennustöitä ja myös osallistumaan itse. Teos saa lopullisen muotonsa yhdessä hailuotolaisten lasten kanssa ideoiden ja rakentaen. Leikkiä, luovuutta ja äänitaidetta yhdistävän lumiteoksen avajaiset pidetään helmikuun loppupuolella. SAIKA design ja Hailuodoon Osuuspankki.

KIEMURA – concept

- to create a playful, creative snow- and sound installation

- to inspire kids and adults to create and build with us

- to integrate sound art with the design, making both essential part of the installation

- to encourage all kinds of people to come and experience this piece:

Go in, try to play the instrument, climb and slide or just walk through.

- to use a simple way of snow building, that lasts, but doesn’t require expensive equipments

We are inspired by:

- Ancient Jatulintarha -structures

- Verticality of the pine trees of Hailuoto

- The nature of Hailuoto, the waves and the wind

Preparing the webcam for streaming, space on 9th of February 2013. Before!

Mari Palosaari and the school Media group will make the documentation of the Kiemura process!

Saika Design and Hai Art have brainstormed about the sound sculpture imbedded into the snow sculpture and currently the plan is to implement white waste pipes vertically with bend openings played by flip-flops which have to be still flown in from Asia. The inspiration is taken from a youtube video:

The pipes were donated to Hai Art last year by the artist Thomas Huber after finishing his ice palm trees.

Saika Design:

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