Music & sound app iOS development project

Hai Art runs an iPad music app development project in in Hailuoto in collaboration with the local school and has invited the Mexican born, Aalto University Helsinki student and artist Juan Carlos Duarte Regino to the island to develop its own sound application for ipads, to hallmark its gender-equal, socially diverse and electrifying sound ensemble, the ipad Orchestra.

Ipad Orchestra & App Club

Juan's documentation

Sound Map Hailuoto in Appstore (for iPad)

Scope of activities:

Designing fantasy apps, revising and producing the ideas, taking design and interface development workshops, built working groups, produce a sound or music ipad App through iOS development based on Open frameworks and OfxPd library

2-3 days a week (max. 2 hrs)


Development of one functional sound app resulting from collaborative design in Hai Art Community.


• Meeting the teachers & principle, agree on school collaboration (start next Monday 8.4.)

• Briefing all school classes (Monday to Wednesday 8.-10.4.)

• Every child designs, invents a (sound) app in fantasy on paper (1 week)

• Revise the results together

• Introduction of principles of design /workshop (Kimmo Kaukonen)

• Maker improved versions of the ideas

• Revise, select the most interesting ideas

• Assemble a working group (in collaboration with school)

• Ludocraft workshop

• Improve the versions of the best ideas together

• Working group meets Juan, the artist who will introduce realisation of sound APP development & code

• 2 times a week meeting of the children/ youth working group (from 6.5.-24.5.) 6 times

• 3 times a week meeting of adult working group (from 6.5.-24.5.) 6 times (incl. homework)

• Working group visits the Game Center in Oulu, free ride

• presentation, revision of the result and plan of continuation

Technical Requirements for the workshop:

Mac OSX 10.8

Xcode 4.6

iOS Development Program

Open Frameworks

Pure Data

Ipad or Iphone - iOS 6.1

Additional links:

MobMuPlat is a set of tools for creating music apps for iOS devices. (No text coding required!)


Code Acadamy:!/exercises/0

Juan Carlos Duarte Regino:

Planned are also a Ludocraft workshop and a visit to the Oulu Game Lab.

Learning from UK: A nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 9-11

Ipad Orchestra workshops

More info soon.

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